Restore the garden of Lafayette’s Castle !

Project Details

Code: ANEC24
Start date: 08 ago 2017
End date: 28 ago 2017
Term: Workcamp (6-15 days)
Country: France
State: Chavaniac Lafayette
Airport: CFE in Clermont-Ferrand, France.
Minimum Age: 17
Maximum Age: 99


Lafayette’s castle is located in the middle of Auvergne near the town « Le Puy en Velay ». This castle from the 18th century is the famous Marquis de Lafayette’s birthplace, the American hero of independence. This castle is renowned for his beautiful rose garden and trees. During the summer, the castle is visited by 15 000 visitors

Work And Activities

The workcamp will be about stone and water. The aisles are delimited by the small walls which form the small channels where the rainwater flows. Volunteers will participate to rebuild those canals by learning and using a traditional and regional technique of construction: the dry stone walls technique.

Accommodation And Food

Accommodation is under tent (2 people per tent) in a municipal camping. Daily life is provided by volunteers (shopping, meal preparation, housework) under a big common tent. The showers and the toilets are inside the camp's building.


Chavaniac Lafayette is located 100km south of Clermont Ferrand, the capital of Auvergne’s region, As the workcamp will take place in a small village, you can discover the way of French living. The town offers lots of cultural, sportive, architectural and gastronomic interests. The region is perfect for hiking, by foot or by bike, or for canoeing in the rivers or swimming in the lakes, according to what the campleaders can propose you. Your campleaders will prepare games and activities but you will be invited to propose and create your own activities. Be creative ! Bring games, music, recipes or typical ingredients from your region or country to share with the rest of the group! For the working part, bring adapted clothes and security shoes. The rest of the equipment will be provided.




2 places for 17 years old volunteers (1 International and 1 French).