Around Ornon’s Mill

Project Details

Code: CONCF-011
Start date: 17 ago 2017
End date: 31 ago 2017
Term: Workcamp (6-15 days)
Country: France
State: Gradignan
Airport: Bordeaux or Paris
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 99


In the frame of their sustainable development program, the city of Gradignan is organising this workcamp to associate locals and youth from the city to international volunteers on activities useful to the community. Gradignan is an important city with several green areas (20 parks in total) and the strong will to offer their inhabitants a sustainable city policy that everyone can be part of. With our partnership they are really interested in experiencing local participation to an international project. Several youngster of Gradignan will take part to the project.

Work And Activities

Inside the Ornon Park volunteers will do some painting work to give a second life to the mill: shutters, doors, and railing. Volunteers will also take out vegetation around the bamboo area and the crayfish basin. The cleaning needs to be done by hand. The mill is related to the Bourde River that crosses over 6 parks of the city and is an essential element of the city character. The work area is used by fisherman.

Accommodation And Food

You will be staying on the “Clos du Vivier” leisure center. You will sleep under tents for 2 that will be provided. Please bring your sleeping bag. There will also be a collective tent for cooking and diverse activities. You will share collective tasks and prepare meals as a group. You will also have to manage a budget provided by the group facilitators and participate in grocery shopping, giving priority to healthy and local foods.


Gradignan city is very close form Bordeaux that you will be able to visit easily along with the Garonne region.




Bring a warm sleeping bag, working clothes, gloves and shoes, warm and rain clothes and a flashlight.