Youth volunteers for development

Project Details

Code: TZ.UV.
Start date: 20 jul 2017
End date: 28 ago 2017
Term: Workcamp (6-15 days)
Theme: EDU, MANU
Country: Mozambique
State: Nampula & Dodoma
Airport: Nampula Airport
Cost: 400
Currency: EUR
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 99


This project is co-hosted by two organisations; AJOV in Mozambique and UVIKIUTA in Tanzania. The first two weeks of the program will be spent in Mozambique and the second half in Tanzania. This project aims to contribute to the empowerment of young women and women through improved educational facilities. Poor education facilities including the learning environment has been one of the factors contributing to poor performance hence hinder the possibility of managing development challenges like unequal rights, a lack of awareness of rights, low literacy rates, dependency, limited access to education and opportunities to earn a living, and poverty. Participants’ time, skills, and ideas are expected to help in building solidarity and support for young women and men in their pursuit of healthy and sustainable livelihoods.

Work And Activities

In the first two weeks in Mozambique, participants will be involved the in the following activities:-

The work will consist mainly on renovating a primary school earlier build by AJOV as well as carry out many other environmental activities in collaboration with the local authorities
In the last two weeks in Tanzania participants this project will be involved in the following activities:
 Renovation and painting of school buildings
 Participating in greening school campaign through provision of garbage separation facilities and composting
 Tree planting and beautification activities (Depending on the weather)

Study part: Participate of this project will have an opportunity to experience life with local communities in Tanzania and the Mozambique Various Discussions and educational visits will be organised involving participants of the project, community members and visited places. The major topic will be Youth volunteers for development. Please bring information from your home community for sharing.

Accommodation And Food

Accommodation will be different in each Country. However it will be confortable for all participants. Options are Students’ hostel, tents, school classrooms or all combinations of all. Clean water will be available.

Food will be provided for free at the project. Participants with special dietary requirements should inform us well in advance. Participants are expected to help in preparation of the meals and cleaning with the support of the Kitchen staff. Note: Food will be provided only at the project site.


Mozambique & Tanzania

Participants of this project are privileged to be at the heart of most famous cultural, natural and attractions in Africa. In Mozambique the project will be located Nampula is a province located in northern Mozambique. Its capital is the city of Nampula, located about 2150 km north of Maputo, the capital. In Tanzania the project location will be in the new declared the Capital city of Tanzania (Dodoma) located in central Tanzania.


No special or particular expertise/skills required, however a potential volunteer should be; open minded and independent, Interest in outdoor activities, manual work, construction, painting and Nature. Volunteer should be as well interested in plants and work under limited resources.


The official language of this project is Kiswahili, Portuguese and English. You do not have to be fluent.


Free time activities: The project is organised in a way that provide opportunity for participants to utilise their free time by enjoying what the region offers in terms of cultural and natural attractions. In Mozambique possibilities are visit Mozambique Island UNESCO in 1991 as a World Heritage Site, the city has, among other monuments of value, the Chapel of Our Lady of the Baluarte, dated 1522, at the north end of the island (single architecture model Manueline in Mozambique), and the Fortress of San Sebastian, the largest in southern Africa, fully erected between 1588 and 1620, with ballast stones of the ships, some of which still find themselves on the nearest beach. In Tanzania we will have possibilities to see wild animals at Ngorongoro crater & Lake Manyara National Park as well cultural tourism in Masai communities and Kondoa Irangi.

Extra Fee: Participation fee of €200 or equivalent Tanzanian or Kenya shillings to be paid on arrival day to each Organisation (Total fee is €400). Participation fee does not cover the cost of medical/health services, any type of insurances, cost of relevant Visas or permits, airport drop off on departure date, pocket money, free/leisure activities and other personal expenses. However; participation fee does cover the cost of airport pickups on arrival, local transport to the project (One way) after arriving in the host country, orientation on arrival, food and accommodation during the program and general running cost of the project.

Remarks: Participants will be in Mozambique from 20th July to 5th August 2017 then move from 5th to Dodoma via Dar es Salaam ma via Dar es Salaam by road. Traveling hours from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma is 6 hours while from 29 hours, Mozambique to Dar es salaam, Tanzania is expected bique to Dar es salaam, Tanzania is expected to be 6th day at 7 o'clock pm. Get ready from the adventure.