Project Details

Code: BVBP 17/04
Start date: 03 ago 2017
End date: 20 ago 2017
Term: Workcamp (6-15 days)
Country: Peru
State: Huamanga
Airport: International Airport Jorge Chave
Cost: 750
Currency: PEN
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 99


The execution of the project will be in the community of Vinchos, where most families are of limited economic resources, with the project "construction of improved kitchens in healthy housing" that will consist of building improved kitchens, as prototypes and models in said community , This initiative is for families to copy and develop in their homes improved kitchens in order to reduce the rates of illness in families and strengthen good habits of coexistence within the family.
In addition, the training and the corresponding practices will be developed in order to explain the benefits of improved kitchens such as: Saving fuel for cooking, with firewood; Improve the combustion process; Improve cleaning conditions and hygiene and comfort during food preparation, among others. In addition the project will allow the development of an approach and experiential knowledge between families and life in the jungle of Peru. During the development of the project the volunteers will be in permanent contact with the nature and the most tourist places of the province.

Work And Activities

• Meeting and fellowship between the volunteers and the families of the community, so that there is a more friendly,
fraternal relationship and create an atmosphere of respect.
• Education and training activities of the advantages of using kitchens improvements explaining the benefits and what are
the disadvantages of using traditional kitchens,
• Construction of prototypes of kitchens improvements in the vinchos community
• Making posters of the benefits of improved kitchens
• The families of the communities will participate in the construction of the prototypes of the improved kitchens, they will
collaborate actively with the volunteers.
• At the end of the constructions will be elaborated the native foods for the delight of the volunteers
• Volunteers will work every day from Monday to Friday, except on weekends where they can do activities in their own

Accommodation And Food

Volunteers will stay in a town house with basic amenities, which will allow their good stay. In the house they will have food and lodging.


The city of Huamanga is located at 2 746 m.s.n.m. Located on the eastern slope of the Andes Mountains. The coordinates of its geographic center are: 13º 09 '26 "south latitude and 74º 13' 22" of the meridian of Greenwich. The province has an approximate population of 191 287 inhabitants. The Temperate and dry; Its average temperature is 17.5 ° C. With blue sky and bright sun all year round. It is characterized by its persistent spring air.


Flexibility for cultural change, Ease of interaction with children, Communicative, Teamwork experience, Experiences in artistic and cultural activities (dances, music, theater, etc.), Basic knowledge of Spanish is not essential.


It is in English, but it would be very productive basic Spanish.


PARTICIPATION FEE: S/. 750 SOLES This payment made by the volunteers will cover the costs of lodging and food, as well as operational and administrative costs of the project.