Project Details

Code: MTV & LTV – ICH-01
Start date: 01 ene 2017
End date: 16 dic 2017
Term: Long Term (1 Month to a Year)
Country: Nigeria
Airport: Murtala Muhammed
Cost: 200
Currency: Euros
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 40


The home was founded in 1958 by Mrs Irene Willoughby, who recognized the need of a home for abandoned children. Now, the home is run by the first baby of the home. There are about 150 children in the home, from newborn babies to young adults up to University level. Most of the children were found somewhere in the bush or on the road, where they were left with frustration and neglect or thrown away by their parents (due to unwanted pregnancy, poor economic situation could not afford them the opportunity. All the children have the same surname called Willoughby and are live together as brothers and sisters. Since this is a non-adoption home, the children stay there till they marry and found their own families. The staff of the centre are raised from the home to manage administration and organization of events. The home is provided with food and other stuff though gifts and donations.

Work And Activities

In the morning volunteer take care of the babies, carry them around, change pampers, feed them and play with them. After the other children come back from school, volunteer can help with homework (which is one of the major problems with the most of the children and just few staff), but also give extra lessons to smaller groups of children. In the afternoon he can arrange games, sports, and any other entertainment. Also HIV-awareness/ sexual education/health and hygiene programms can be arranged in cooperation with the staff. In the evenings the volunteer is welcome to join the evening prayers and activities in the rooms before going to bed, like story-telling.

Accommodation And Food

The organization provides the local food materials and ingredients for cooking. Volunteers will do self-catering in a local kitchen together with local volunteers. The meal provided is general for all volunteers but optional meal is at volunteer’s expense.

Volunteers will be accommodated in a room separated for the purpose. The home has simple facilities with all conveniences. Bathroom and toilet facilities are also available


(i) Volunteers should complete and return Application for Participation indicating Date, Time of Arrival and accompany it with applicant’s recent photograph.
(ii) Foreign volunteers should arrive Nigeria at least three (3) Days before the commencement of the camp for a Group Orientation preceding the camp.
(iii) They should also endeavour to obtain vaccination against Small Pox and Cholera.
(iv) Volunteers will be expected to submit report of activities and observation made at the end of the camps.
(v) Arrangements would be made to collect at the international airport any volunteer/s who informs us of his/her arrival before the camp. The following details will equally be needed: Arrival Date, Time, Airline Name and Flight Number.
(vi) Kindly ensure that you obtain necessary Visa before departure and also for all categories of volunteers certified Insurance registration is important.
(vii) We are willing and ready to support your journey with any documents to make it possible for participation.




Participants should come with their Games, Musical instruments, Torch Lights, Camping materials, Toiletries, Social / Casual dresses, Sandals and Shoe for their personal use.

(1) Volunteers should be prepared to live under any rough and simple conditions at camps.

(2) Volunteers will be expected to pay their camp Participation Fees before the commencement of the camp.

(3) Volunteers will not only respect the rules of the Camp but also share in the responsibilities and prepared to be governed by the discipline of the camp under the supervision of an autonomous Camp Leader.

(4) Manual work at camp site takes 6 – 7 hours (from 7.00am to 2.00p.m) while 30 minutes break is allowed. The remaining part of the day are extra curricular activities for volunteers.

(5) In order to foster the spirit of service, campers / volunteers are expected to live and function as a Team.

(6) Volunteers are encouraged to understudy and be more conscious of the numerous social problems and tradition affecting the rural communities.

(7) Campers must participate in various activities of the Camp. These include Writing Logs, Orderly/Catering, Going to Work Site, Social Night, Evaluation, Excursion Visits etc.

(8) Both Local and Foreign volunteers will submit individual camp report at the end of the Camping period.

It is crucial to remark that project location may change due to several unforeseen circumstances arising from environmental disaster, outbreak of epidemics, community failure to provide necessary materials etc. Nevertheless, the camp period for the volunteer to take part in the project will strictly be honoured.