A dynamic Abbey in a peaceful village BOULAUR

Project Details

Code: CONCF-132
Start date: 12 jul 2017
End date: 26 jul 2017
Term: Workcamp (6-15 days)
Theme: RENO
Country: France
State: Boulaur
Airport: Toulouse - Blagnac airport
Cost: 165
Currency: EUR
Minimum Age: 15
Maximum Age: 17


A sister working in a garden, another sister working on her computer, one other participating in the birth of a veal in the farm of the Abbey … Here in Boulaur, you will see Cistercian sisters running in all directions! The houses of the village were built around the monastic centre, so you will notice that the rhythm of the village is directly led by these sisters of a phenomenal energy. Furthermore, the Holy Abbey Marie de Boulaur so dear to them, being 875 years old of age today, their new motivation is to restore it with. They need your help!

Work And Activities

You will participate in the restoration of the outer wall surrounding the Abbey, which collapsed. You will use traditional techniques of masonry.

Accommodation And Food

You will be accommodated under tents, in the garden of the place of life, with access to shower, toilets and a kitchen. You will participate in the preparation of the meals and will favour the use of local products.


Boulaur is located in the historical region of Astarac, in Gascony and has a geographical position of the most favourable. You will be charmed by the stunning view on the chain of Pyrenees! You will be able to visit the markets of the surroundings, like the one of Gimont, which is the closest. Only 3km far you will find the village of Saramon where a big lake is waiting for you.


Bring working clothes and shoes (waterproof if possible, in case of rain). Bring a warm sleeping bag and a good camping mat (sleeping in tent), nights are sometimes fresh and wet. Tents will be provided but you can also bring your own. Do not hesitate to bring specialties from home, photos, games, music instruments, etc. Foreigners belonging to the European Union must bring their personal EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), and everybody must, in any case, bring their insurance certificate. If health issues happen on the project, volunteers will have to pay for it, and then be reimbursed once back in their home country.




Extra Fee: