Schillingen (Rhineland-Palatinate)

Project Details

Code: IBG 01
Start date: 14 mar 2018
End date: 28 mar 2018
Term: Workcamp (6-15 days)
Category: CULTURAL
Country: Germany
State: Schillinge
Airport: Hahn (HHN), Luxembourg (LUX), Frankfurt (FRA)
Cost: 0
Minimum Age: 18


Schillingen is a village 30 km from Germany's oldest city, Trier, in a beautiful landscape. You will be active for the youth of Schillingen and improve and renovate the local youth club. The club is very small - more or less only one room - but still important as meeting place for the teenagers. Additionally, you will support the local community in running the daffodil-festival. The wild daffodil is the first flower to bloom in spring. In Schillingen, there are several meadows where this rare and protected flower can be found in great numbers. The festival is planned for March 25th but depending on the flowers it might have to be brought forward or postponed. Also, you will have the opportunity to get into contact with the local youngsters and with local associations e.g. the local voluntary fire brigade or the kindergarten. So please be prepared to present your country to local children and teenagers.

Work And Activities

: There will be two main tasks:
1. To renovate and decorate the local youth club. Probably painting work will be an important part of it. Parts of the work will be realised together with local youngsters.
2. To support the local community running the daffodil-festival on March 25th. In the past they had more than 1.000 visitors per year enjoying the first flowers of spring, having a drink and listening to traditional music.
There might be some other tasks in the village, for example maintenance work on a playground.

Accommodation And Food

You will be hosted in parish rooms of the local Catholic Church in the centre of the village. There is enough space, a kitchen and toilets, but you will have to sleep on the floor (no beds, please bring a mat and a sleeping bag). The showers are in the sports hall nearby.


Schillingen has 1.200 inhabitants and is situated in a touristic green area not far from Trier. The area is well known for cycling, hiking and other outdoor activities. Many tourists visit the area, but also local people come here for cycling (there is a 45 km cycling path on a former railway roadbed) or to spend a nice day outside, e.g. at a near-by lake. The region also offers plenty of historic sites (castles, museums....). Public transport is quite poor during the weekend, so the number of excursions will be limited. But for sure Trier, with the famous Roman sites, the cathedral and the birthplace of Karl Marx can be visited.