Muensingen (Baden-Wurttemberg)

Project Details

Code: IBG 03
Start date: 15 abr 2018
End date: 06 may 2018
Term: Workcamp (6-15 days)
Country: Germany
State: Muensingen
Airport: Stuttgart, Memmingen, Muenchen
Cost: 0


The town of Muensingen will host its first workcamp in 2018 and is looking forward to your help: The outdoor swimming pool needs to be renovated. The town wants to take this process as a chance to change a lot: The swimming pool is supposed to become a place where people meet, spend their summer holidays together, and do sports (not only swimming, but also "adventure golf", table tennis, and so on).
A part of the work will be done professionally; the renovation has already been started in autumn 2017 and will finish in autumn 2018. In spring 2018, shortly before the swimming season starts, you will help with the manual work.

Work And Activities

The municipality has lots of ideas how the area of the swimming pool can become more attractive: You will set up a table tennis place as well as an adventure golf parkour, put up wooden loungers to create resting places, and install waste containers, on top of which you will plant herbs. The work will be manual and might be exhausting sometimes; but for sure it is going to be interesting and varied and will allow you to see a big difference in the end!

Accommodation And Food

[to be confirmed]


: Muensingen is a town with about 15.000 inhabitants. It is located in the Swabian Alpes and part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve (a protected ecosystem with rare plants and animals). The area is perfect for hiking: Quite rural, with many great view-points and various old castle (ruins) that are worth visiting. Muensingen itself has a very nice centre with old half-timbered houses that are typical for this region. It offers a great infrastructure with shops, museums and besides the outdoor swimming pool you are working at there is also an indoor one.
During your stay, the "Almauftrieb" (spring cattle drove) will take place: The cattle will be walked back to their meadows, where they will spend the summer - a very traditional and worth-seeing event in the Swabian Alpes.