Project Details

Code: FR-SCI 9.2
Start date: 06 Ago 2018
End date: 26 Ago 2018
Term: Medium Term (15 days to 1 Month)
Category: SOCIAL
Country: France
State: Noeux-les-Mines
Airport: Charles de Gaulle
Minimum Age: 20
Maximum Age: 99


The Association of Paralysed France (APF) was founded and established in 1933 by four individuals who had been diagnosed with polio. They formed the association in response to the social exclusion and isolation of which they had been victims of. The now state-approved APF is a national association of defence and, to this day, aims to represent and empower individuals with motor disabilities and multiple disabilities. The APF in France consists of 26,000 members, 30,000 users, 25,000 volunteers and 13,500 employees.Along with the Association of Paralysed France, the project is organized in partnership with the Medical Foster Home and Space Residence.Volunteers will be working closely with the social workers and other local professionals on site to support the residents in their social life.

Work And Activities

Volunteers will help the local permanent staff in planning activities for the residents. Any artistic likes and abilities are highly encouraged and can be used in creating different activities relating to music, film, theatre etc. Volunteers will be expected to organize themselves activities during the days such as games, outdoor excursions, sightseeing, field trips. The list of possible activities is limitless and each volunteer can bring their own ideas and creativity to the table, however, no task of nursing or medical responsibilities will be given to the volunteers. Interpersonal skills and motivation will help volunteers to develop and accomplish the required tasks easily and naturally. Please be aware that volunteers might be left alone and have to be autonomous and take initiative

Accommodation And Food

Volunteers will be housed on site in shared studios adjoining the foyer of the building. All bedding is provided thus there is no need to bring a sleeping bag or mattress! All food is provided for; however, volunteers are strongly encouraged to help and make something from their own country!


The workcamp will take place in Noeux-les-Mines in northern France. Noeux-les-Mines is accessible by train and the nearest largest railway station is Noeux.


Volunteers must be at least 20 years of age, and must submit an additional motivation letter written in French. Having a driver’s licence is preferable but not required!


Good level in French is required in order to be able to communicate with the residents. This is important, please take it into consideration.


ATTENTION ! For volunteers coming from non-SCI partners, there will be an extra fee of 20€ to be paid on arrival. Please ask your sending organization if you are in that case.

Study Theme: The camp places a strong emphasis on the importance of international solidarity, thus each volunteer will have the opportunity to make a presentation of some form like a recipe, a local dance, music, or a simple presentation to show the personal artefacts of their nationality!