Project Details

Code: SF-03,04
Start date: 15 jul 2018
End date: 26 jul 2018
Term: Workcamp (6-15 days)
Country: Russian Federation
State: Botanical and geological complex
Airport: Moscú-Sheremétievo
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 30


The camp is organized by youth NGO “World without borders”. The main aim of this organization is to promote the cultural diversity of Kirov region and to develop multicultural dialogue between local young people and their peers from different countries. The goal of the camp is to create conditions to enrich the experience of young people in self-organizing their leisure and everyday life, the development of cross-cultural interaction. Volunteers will work in the team of professional group leaders, sport trainers and instructors and animators.
Apart from tourist activities (mountain climbing, forest navigation, hiking, and rafting), the kids will be able to choose workshops on sports and fitness, theater, journalism, intercultural dialogue.During the second camp, half of the kids will be from the local orphanage.

Work And Activities

Volunteers will help to organize ice-breakers, teambuilding, sports and outdoor games, youth leisure activities. Run workshops about culture of their country. The workshops should include stories about traditions, customs, folk games, cuisine, language of the country presented.
Volunteers can work and support professional workers in: non-formal education activities (workshops about different cultures and languages, healthy life style etc.) art activities (art workshops, preparing evening concerts and performances).

Accommodation And Food

Tents for 3-4 people, (sleeping bag and a mattress are required). Toilets and showers will be organized in special cabins outside. Unfortunately, vegetarian food can not be provided! Therefore, the desire and ability to eat meat is a very important condition for work in the camp :)


Botanical and geological complex, Chimbulatskiy, Kirov region


Volunteers should be able to communicate with children, know different game forms of work with young people, have presentation skills, be sociable, responsible, organized, meat eater and ready to live in field conditions. Medical document that proves permission to work with children.




The camp is located in beautiful botanical and geological complex Chimbulatskiy that has a river, a small mountain as well as forest and field landscapes. Volunteers will have a chance to be totally isolated from the civilization and feel a part of nature.