Project Details

Code: SF-07
Start date: 02 ago 2018
End date: 16 ago 2018
Term: Workcamp (6-15 days)
Country: Russian Federation
State: Yagodnoye, St.Petersburg region
Airport: Moscú-Sheremétievo
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 99


The project is organized by ITMO University in St. Petersburg. It`s one of the leading Universities in Russia in the field of information and photonic technologies. Together with high level educational work University provides students with opportunities for social life. There are student government, student ecological group and voluntary organization dealing with different social issues. International volunteers will cooperate with students involved in environmental voluntary work in order to exchange with the best practices, develop solidarity and mutual understanding between young people from different countries. Volunteers will work outside of the city in the University educational sport Center for students “Yagodnoe” (100 km from St. Petersburg).

Work And Activities

Volunteers will be asked to implement following tasks:
- to find solutions for restoration and repair of furniture
- to repair, polish, paint furniture such as: bedside tables, cupboards, chairs, etc.
- decoration of wooden objects (painting, carving, etc);
- work with the elderly people on painting and decorating old furniture;
- to take part in the exhibition: «The second life of things».
Volunteers will work about 6 hours a day. In addition, volunteers will take part in lectures on furniture painting, upcycling, woodworking.

Accommodation And Food

Volunteers will live in wooden houses in rooms for 2-4 persons. Showers and toilets will be in separate houses. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided in the canteen (Russian traditional food). Your dietary needs will be taken into consideration if communicated in advance. Alcohol is
not allowed.
Facilities: bed linen is provided, no WiFi, no washing machine, no lockers, no shops or supermarket in the camp


Yagodnoye, St.Petersburg region




Volunteers will be able to visit St. Petersburg and surroundings during weekends. In the camp it’s possible to play games, do any sport activities, go swimming and boating.

St. Petersburg airport or railway station