Project Details

Code: JR18/111
Start date: 14 jul 2018
End date: 04 ago 2018
Term: Medium Term (15 days to 1 Month)
Category: CULTURAL
Country: France
State: Langeac
Airport: París-Charles de Gaulle
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 30


Located in Haute-Loire in the « Gorges of Allier », Chanteuges is a member of these remarkable villages of Auvergne. Built on a basaltic spur, the abbey Benedictine of the XIIth century, its priory, its church and his(her) convent overhang the village and its calades. From 24 till 28 July, the municipality organizes a festival of guitar: the abbey of Chanteuges welcomes for 4 days guitarists’ recitals in the world fame, as well as of young artists height of future. This wordcamp will be the opportunity to combine the restoration of the small heritage of the municipality as well as the participation to the organization of this festival. An opportunity to ally culture and heritage in one of the most beautiful villages of the region!

Work And Activities

Guided by the volunteers of the association “6cordes”, you will participate in the festival lifetime: setting up rooms, installation of the festival area, cleaning after each performance (scene, outside space, toilets…). You will have to participate into the waste management by using the recycling bin (glass/paper/...etc). At the end of the festival, you will have to remove and store materials. On some evenings, you will also participate in drinks and concert posters selling; participants have therefore to be able to communicate in French, at least at a basic level. NB: *some tasks are repetitive but essential; * your motivation is really needed before, during, but also after the festival; *working hours may be very VARIABLE; *time for leisure or for the group life will depend on the needs for help on the festival area; * Work 20 hours a week; you may have to work on Saturday and Sunday. The volunteers are expected to be dynamic, enthusiastic and ready to meet the many local volunteers
and the festival audience. You will have a free access pass and be able to attend most of the concerts. You will not be given access to the technical area (musical instruments)

Accommodation And Food

You will stay at the campsite. Tents and mattresses will be provided, please bring a sleeping bag. Youll have on-site access to all the facilities (toilets, electricity ...). The showers will be taken in the recreation room. There will be a kitchen area with refrigerator, stove, tables and chairs so you can eat together. You will cook in turn, by two, and a budget will be allocated to food shopping in the grocery store of the town.




English and French