Project Details

Code: IJGD 28317
Start date: 25 ago 2018
End date: 09 sep 2018
Term: Workcamp (6-15 days)
Theme: ENVI
Country: Germany
State: Bavaria; Munich
Airport: Munich
Minimum Age: 16
Maximum Age: 26


You will work in the Bergwaldoffensive project organized by the Bavarian government. One very important aspect of the work is the protective function of mountain forests, which should be there for future generations, too.

Work And Activities

You will plant fir trees, sycamore trees and beech trees in highly sensitive mountain forest areas, to enable a new generation of mixed woodland to develop. You will spend a couple of days cutting down small trees with a handsaw so the further developed, stronger trees can thrive. All the work you do, will be supervised by an experienced forester of the Bavarian forest administration. You will gain an insight into the relationships within the ecosystem of a mountain forest and how sustainable cultivation works. You will be driven to your work location (15-30min) and tools and work gloves will be provided by the forestry. You absolutely have to bring mountain boots with a very stable sole, rain gear and sun protection!!!|

Accommodation And Food

You will stay in tents in the youth settlement Hochland in Königsdorf.


Bavaria; Munich 60 km


You will be working in an area with steep ground and the work is physically demanding. It is very important that you bring rain gear, sun protection and mountain boots!