Project Details

Code: AYA 3
Start date: 14 jul 2018
End date: 28 jul 2018
Term: Workcamp (6-15 days)
Category: SOCIAL
Country: Russian Federation
State: Arkhangelsk
Airport: Moscow
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 99


National park Kenozero is strictly protected area which represents the model of historical human habitat, the place that managed to preserve the centuries-old history and culture of the Russian North. The high level of the conservation of the cultural landscapes and their valuable elements make the national park Kenozero the unique region with no analogues in Russia or worldwide. Yet, the thing that makes Kenozero National Park singular is its living culture and the epical heritage of Russia. There are about 100 monuments of cultic and civil architecture in Kenozero, big and small villages with friendly people, ancient monasteries located in remote woodlands, numerous holy forests. In 2004, Kenozero National Park joined the Global Network of UNESCO Biospheric Nature Reserves. For several years the park has been hosting volunteer projects.

Work And Activities

Preservation of Cultural Landscapes - helping local residents and employees of the Kenozero National Park in maintaining cultural landscapes.
Volunteers will take part in a hard, but at the same time, one of the most pleasant rural works, where work is combined with entertainment - in
haymaking. Participants will learn how to put haymaking from mowing to haystack, get acquainted with traditional ways of drying hay.

Accommodation And Food

The campground is located about 15 km along the lake from the center of the village Vershinino, where you can find administrative office of the park, shops, medical point, post office, internet, telephone. The campground itself is in a rural area. Sleeping in tents (bring your sleeping bag). Russian banya. Campfire cooking. There is everything necessary for cooking (dishes, detergents, etc.)


Arkhangelsk region


Bring your sleeping bag, working clothes, warm clothes, repellent.




Meeting point
Moscow. Train to Plesetsk (16 hours, 60-100 for return ticket). Bus to to Vershinino (3 hours).


Free time activities
Trips along Kenozero lake, walks around the ancient villages of Kenozero, visiting the famous Kenozero chapels, getting to know the locals; visiting
museums and visitor centers of folk crafts of the Kenozero National Park; master classes in folk crafts