Project Details

Code: AYA 5
Start date: 14 ago 2018
End date: 28 ago 2018
Term: Workcamp (6-15 days)
Country: Russian Federation
State: Arkhangelsk
Airport: Moscow
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 99


The project is organized to gain experience of natural rural life through assistance to the environmental education project Forest School. The Forest School is a project of a training center established in a Russian northern village. Teachers of the Forest School strive to conduct a friendly
environment, hold educational events for children, youth and adults, which study the laws of nature, the culture of the Russian village, traditional and innovative knowledge. Teachers of the Forest School are experts in their field recognized in Russia and abroad.

Work And Activities

The project is organized to gain experience of natural rural life. Work will depend on volunteers interest and weather conditions: haymaking, working in the permaculture garden, picking berries in the forest and harvesting herbal teas, caring for animals (horse, cow, goats, chickens), cooking dairy products, helping in repairing outbuildings and houses.

Accommodation And Food

In the village houses. Composting toilets in each house, a common banya, summer street cabins for camping showers, a river, cooking in a kitchen
house in turns.


Arkhangelsk region


Interest in environmental topics. During the camp, alcohol and other intoxicants are forbidden.




Meeting point
Meeting point in Moscow in the morning of July 18th, night train to Kizema (18 hours, 50 euro for return ticket), bus to the village.


Free time activities
Walks in the forest with a forest guide, swimming in the river, Russian banya, folk games, songs, dances, workshop about wild edible plants, a trip to a neighbouring village to a local museum, an acquaintance with a local boatman, a tour of the village, a wide a range of lectures on the topic of traditional culture, ecology, rural life. Culinary master classes are also possible.