Project Details

Code: SIW-1805
Start date: 25 ago 2018
End date: 08 sep 2018
Term: Workcamp (6-15 days)
Theme: ENVI
Country: Netherlands
State: Twijzel
Airport: Ámsterdam-Schiphol
Cost: 25
Currency: EUR
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 99


The working area of ‘State Forestry Noard-Fryslân’ offers a various landscape with a rough swamp nature. It is a perfect area to walk around so you can see the various landscapes. There are a lot of little lakes here in the north of Fryslân. The partner is the Dutch State Forestry, commissioned by the Dutch government to manage a large part of the nature reserves in the Netherlands. Working towards a sustainable living environment for man, plant and animal is central to their mission. It is a social organization, working for and on behalf of society, cooperating actively with Dutch citizens and the organisations and institutions that represent them.

Work And Activities

The volunteers will work in the area surrounding Twijzel, a small village in Fryslân, known for its cultural-historic and blooming blue-grass landscapes and swamp forests. The participants will play an important role in the preservation of the flora and fauna of the area. Together with the state forest rangers the volunteers will do different activities such as cutting, dredging and maintaining the paths. Because of the unique status of the area this is work that cannot be carried out by machines. So the volunteers will play a vital role in the nature preservation. The rangers are very enthusiastic and will tell you all about the special species that live in this area. During the week they will organise excursions and volunteers will work together with local volunteers.

Accommodation And Food

Volunteers will stay in small bungalows with 6 beds per bungalow. Each bungalow has its own bathroom, toilet and kitchen with equipment. The group will do groceries and cook together for themselves. The State Forestry provides bikes for every volunteer to go back and forth from the accommodation to the worksite. Volunteers will bring a packed lunch to work and eat on the site, either outside or inside a worktrailer depending on the weather.


Twijzel, province of Fryslân, northern Netherlands


• Old/working clothes
• Rubber boots (working fields can be very muddy!)
• High top sneakers
• Rain is spread out over the year, so bring warm clothes, a raincoat and a swimming suit!




Leisure activities: Together with the camp leaders the volunteers will discuss the recreational program. For example they can explore the area by bike, go swimming, visit a museum or other places in the Netherlands, such as Leeuwarden, a city nearby. The camp leaders will have some ideas, but of course it is possible for the volunteers to put forward their own ideas for this program! Leisure time will also be spent on the theme: "Connect with the local community!". During this activity, the participants can interact with local communities, share cultures and have fun!