Project Details

Code: CIEEJ1806
Start date: 22 jul 2018
End date: 03 ago 2018
Term: Workcamp (6-15 days)
Theme: CULT, EDU
Country: Japan
Airport: Yamaguchi Ube
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 40


Hagi Koen Gakuin is a private mission school, having its origin in Mercedarias Misioneras de Bérriz (Spain). In 1952, they established junior high school, placing high school on the side. The school is small in size, with only 160 students (from 7th to 12th graders). They focus on religious field (Catholic) and English teaching. The local partner is looking for volunteers who is mature, energetic and interested in revitalizing the community and accelerate communication among Japanese and international members. CIEE Japan started STV with Hagi Koen Gakuin back in 2008 and the joint program started in 2014.
Koen Gakuin School

Work And Activities

Join summer Program and help Junior high – high school students at Koen Gakuin(22 July-27 July)
-As an active teacher assistant, volunteer support many classes such as culture, music, physical exercise, games, craft, cooking and even field trip to give them chances to speak out and enjoy talking in English
-Introduce children songs and games from your home country
-Play sports sing and dance with Japanese children
-Cook home country cuisine with Japanese children
-Each volunteer will be responsible for giving a lecture (a presentation) about home country
-Go on a Field trip in Hagi city with students

Accommodation And Food

A school-owned guesthouse and Japanese style house


Hagi is located in Yamaguchi prefecture, in the west part of Honshu, the Mainland of Japan, and faces the Sea of Japan. It is a small local city with the population of 55,000. Mine is a neighboring city to Hagi and it is 30 minutes away from Shin Yamaguchi Station which is the hub station for bullet train. The camp location is within the area of a mysterious Akiyoshido Cave(秋芳 洞) and a beautiful Beppu Benten pond (別府弁天池). They became a popular touristic spot in recent years. A volunteer needs at least 10,000 JPY in cash if she/he wants to go sightseeing on free-day.


1. Volunteers need a strong motivation to be an active member to teach/take care of children during each class at Hagi Koen school.
2. Volunteers will do a presentation of their countries during English class. Please prepare the topic such as your hometown, food, sports, architecture, landmarks, greetings or game.
3. Extra fee 5,000 JPY(about 40 EURO). Please pay on arrival. This fee will be will be used for supporting the accommodation fee
4. A motivation letter (more than 5 sentences long) is required. Please include your interest, motivation, experience and strength of yourself in English or Japanese.

Volunteers should bring one white shirt with collar and trousers (either black, navy or beige) for school event. For other days, long sleeve shirt (as well as T-shirt) and long pants, swimwear (for swimming), sneakers, flip-flops, bug protected spray, bath towels, facial towels, toothpaste, brush, shampoo and conditioner, presentation material, seasonings that represent your country (salt, garlic, paste, sauce or pepper)


English / Japanese



Fukuoka Airport (DOMESTIC)
Kansai International Airport (INTERNATIONAL)
※Since INTERNATIONAL airport terminal is 500 km away from the camp location, we recommend you to take a domestic flight. From Fukuoka airport, you can take a local train to get to the hub station “Hakata”. From Hakata station to Shin Yamaguchi station, you can take a bullet train (Shinkansen). It will be 40-60 minutes ride.
Station: JR Shin Yamaguchi Station (bullet train from Tokyo)