Project Details

Code: CIEEJ1807
Start date: 25 jul 2018
End date: 08 ago 2018
Term: Workcamp (6-15 days)
Category: CULTURAL
Country: Japan
Airport: Hiroshima
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 30


It is a joint project with KUSUNOKI childcare center and “You Ai Sun Kochi”, a local community of Kochi town in Hiroshima. CIEE Japan has been organizing this project since 2008 and it is going to be 11st year in this summer. KUSUNOKI childcare center hold up the children-centered policy which emphasizes „play‟ and „dialogue‟, fostering the curiosity of children. Kochi is located in the eastern part of Higashi-hiroshima city centering on Kawachi Station, surrounded by clear streams. You Ai Sun Kochi is received warm support from local residents, and activates residents‟ communication of the town. This year is 73rd memorial year after the nuclear bombing were thrown in the city of Hiroshima in 1945.
It is still recorded as first and remains the only time nuclear weapons were ever used in a war. On 6 August, the day of bombing, Peace Memorial Ceremony is held in Hiroshima and it has many visitors to memorialize the victims of the war and pray for peace. Volunteers will also attend the ceremony, which will be an opportunity to think of world peace.

KUSUNOKI Childcare center (JAPANESE)

Work And Activities

-At Kochi town, volunteers join activities to stimulate the community and accelerate communication among local and international members. More detail task to be decided.
-At Kochi town, volunteers prepare and help local event “Riverside festival”
-Communicate with locals at Japanese bamboo charcoal workshop.
-Take a good care of children at KUSUNOKI childcare center for a week (have them take a shower and a nap, prepare snacks, read them a book, help summer festival, take children to the park)
-Participate and offer a silent prayer to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony and its related events on August 6th The weather is not stable at this time of the seasons. Outdoor work (especially during camping) may change if it rains.

Accommodation And Food

Volunteer will stay at 2 different places
1. Japanese style house (25th July-31st July)
2. KUSUNOKI Childcare center – On the floor with futon mattress (1st August-8th August)


Hiroshima city which has overcome and recovered from the tragedy of atomic bombing in WWII is now the biggest city in Chugoku-Shikoku Region. If you would like to visit Osaka/Kyoto/Nara/Kobe area, plan your trip after the project, you will not be able to go sightseeing those tour spots during workcamp. A volunteer needs at least 10,000 JPY in cash if she/he wants to go sightseeing on free-day.


1. Extra fee 14,000 JPY(about 120 EURO). Please pay on arrival. This fee will be used for supporting the local partner to run this camp
2. If your volunteer cancels a project with any reason after confirmation slip has been submitted to CIEE Japan, we request your organization to find an alternative volunteer. Cancellation gives a huge impact in this project because there are many local people preparing to welcome international volunteers (They do some pre-study about the countries international volunteers are from)
3. Volunteers should study about the history of Hiroshima –Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Atomic Bomb Museum, the Atom bomb dome - before coming to Japan.
4. A motivation letter (more than 5 sentences long) is required. Please include your interest, motivation, experience and strength of yourself in English or Japanese.

Sleeping bag, mattress (at a childcare center, a floor is very hard and sleeping bag may be too thin to hurt your back), work clothes that are suitable for activities (T-shirts, pants), sneakers, toiletries, towels, hat/cap, rain wear, Volunteers are requested to introduce their own countries by showing photos and maps, teaching children‟s songs and plays, or introducing recipes.


English / Japanese


Hiroshima airport (DOMESTIC)
※In order to get to the meeting point, It will cost about 600- 1,000YEN/oneway Kansai International Airport (INTERNATIONAL)
※In order to get to the meeting point, It will cost about 10.000-12,000YEN/oneway Station: JR Kochi Station