Project Details

Code: IBOIT18
Start date: 20 ago 2018
End date: 01 sep 2018
Term: Medium Term (15 days to 1 Month)
Category: SOCIAL
Country: Italy
State: Codigoro (Ferrara)
Airport: El aeropuerto de Forli
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 99


The project is in collaboration with the Parish of Codigoro. Codigoro is a village of 12.134 inhabitant in the province of Ferrara and in the last Easter part of the Pianura Padana, within the Comacchio Valleys and the cost of the Adriatic Sea.
Nowaday the Parish manages different buildings for educational/recreational activities in Codigoro:
- The Don Bosco Aggregation Centre
- The School of Childhood San Domenico Savio The Center school del Rosario
- The arrival of the new parish priest (2015) began a restructuring plan of the different environments to bring them back to a more efficient and welcoming use for children, young people and families of the local community.
Volunteers will cooperate in the restructuring and maintenance of the various environments of the three structures.

Work And Activities

1 week: Masonry for the Oratory Don Bosco: Preparation and painting of some walls.
2 week: Conservative intervention of the wooden frames (sanding, grouting and varnishing), mowing hedges and grass at the kindergarten Domenico Savio The aggregation center Don Bosco and the School of childhood San Domenico Savio are local Adjacent
To the house where the volunteers are hosted.
The school Del Rosario Centre is about 500 meters from the first two buildings. Time permitting the possibility of expanding the work to additional parish premises.


Codigoro (Ferrara) – Emilia Romagna - Italy