Project Details

Code: LUNAR 21
Start date: 10 ago 2018
End date: 24 ago 2018
Term: Workcamp (6-15 days)
Country: Italy
State: Brienza
Airport: Rome or Naples
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 99


SUMMARY: Help the dynamic team of Brienza to break down borders and prejudices among generations through artistic and musical shows. They would love to welcome people from all over the world like you. #JazzFestival #Friendly #Castle #Art

PROJECT: Crusco Jazz was born in 2015 thanks to a group of young creative people who wanted to bring together traditions, art, good music, local food and show the world the beauty of their town and the Basilicata region.
The festival has been taking place for three years now and has brought thousands of visitors to Brienza. Musicians and artists arrive from all over Italy, they play in every corner of the town: from small square to the castle’s tower. Emerging artists will display their works on the walls of the old 12th century houses, delicious flavours of local foods will fill the streets. The main aim of our project is to spread the beauty of music and art, local traditions and cuisine, to create a friendly and warm environment for visitors, volunteers and organisers. With Crusco Jazz we want to
demolishing borders and prejudices among generations, cultures and nationalities through arts and music. By welcoming to Brienza people from all over the world we aim to broaden people’s horizons, introduce locals to different, foreign cultures and together enjoy the process of bringing the festival together.
Over the past three years the support from Lunaria has been extraordinary, with every year Crusco Jazz has evolved and grown, welcomed talented artists and enthusiastic volunteers from all over the world. We are thrilled to be embarking on this adventure again this year.

Work And Activities

Volunteers will be welcomed in a big loving family by the organisers and their families. They will be involved at every step of the making of the festival: from setting up stage areas and cleaning to selling food and helping the musicians. They will also have a chance to perform themselves.

Accommodation And Food

Volunteers will be hosted in an house with a huge garden close to the river. They will be cooking for themselves every day, except for the festival days when they will have a voucher to eat at the food stand. Beds will be provided, but it is recommended to have a sleeping bag. There are 2 bathrooms and an outdoor shower.


Brienza is a small village with a big heart. Surrounded by mountains and crossed by two rivers, it’s a real gem, a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. The 12th century castle, where the festival takes place, with dozens of abandoned houses, offering a breathtaking view on the town
and the mountains. The mayor’s house and its churches are interesting places to visit, as well. Basilicata region is full of beautiful places that you’ll remember forever. Maratea, with its serene beaches; Matera (UNESCO site and European capital of Culture of 2019), chosen by Pasolini, Gibson and many others for their movies; Pollino natural park, and a lot of other places, only a couple of hours away from Brienza.