Project Details

Code: MS03
Start date: 27 jun 2018
End date: 06 jul 2018
Term: Workcamp (6-15 days)
Category: SOCIAL
Country: Denmark
State: Femo
Airport: Copenhagen
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 99


Brandkadetter i Danmark (Youth firefighters in Denmark) is a non-profit organization that advise and supervises fire departments.
With the help of Brandkadetter i Danmark the fire departments provide a 6 months’ firefighting education program for young people between the age of 10-18. The young fire cadets are typically 13-14, when they begin. The firefighting program focuses on fire related assignments, non-operational tasks and training, discipline, and community. After passing the program the fire cadets continue in the local youth firefighting
department. When they reach the age of 16 or 18 they can continue as volunteer firefighters. Brandkadetter i Danmark focuses on the inclusion of young people with different challenges in their lives. At least 50% of all educated youth fire cadets belong to this target group. Their
difficulties in life could be social, personal or academic. This summer Brandkadetter i Danmark is arranging a summer camp for all youth fire cadets in Denmark. We expect about 200 participants - youth fire cadets, firefighting instructors, and volunteers. We expect around 50 participants from Germany, that has a long tradition in educating youth fire cadets. The summer camp will take place on a little island in Denmark called Femø. The focus of the summer camp will be firefighting assignments and tasks, socializing, and fellowship.
Two years ago, a similar summer camp took place with great success. This year we expect twice as many participants, and therefore we need twice as many volunteers who want to give young people an unforgettable experience. Check our website

Work And Activities

As a volunteer on our summer camp you will have the following

- Setting up the summer camp
- Help with accommodation of the participants
- Catering and kitchen tasks
- Guarding the camp area during day and night
- Helping firefighting instructors during assignments and exercises for the young fire cadets
- Cleaning common areas
- Cleaning the area after the summer camp
- Helping with different tasks at a fire station in Copenhagen

The working hours will vary from day to day.
The primary aim of the volunteer work is to give the young people, especially the ones that do not have other summer activities because of poverty, an unforgettable experience on Femø.

Accommodation And Food

Sleeping facilities:
Everybody on the summer camp will be sleeping in tents. Therefore, it is important to bring a sleeping bag and a sleeping bag underlay. Brandkadetter i Danmark will provide tents. In Copenhagen, you will sleep at a local fire station in a large classroom or gym hall.
Bring practical clothes and footwear. You will use a lot of your time on your feet, walking around on the island. All activities are outside, so bring clothes for all kind of weather. Kitchen + bathroom facilities: During the summer camp, there will be a volunteering unit, that will be in charge of grocery shopping and catering for the 200 participants. As a volunteer, you will have tasks in the kitchen, and you will eat together with the rest of the participants. There will be festival toilets and shower facilities. In Copenhagen you will have regular toilet and shower facilities.
Brandkadetter i Danmark will provide groceries and you will have access to a kitchen.


You will spend your time on Femø from Wednesday the 28th of June until Sunday the 2nd of July. Since we will be working with the youth, alcohol, drugs and/or narcotics of any kind are strictly forbidden at all times also on the local fire station. Should this not be met, you will be expelled from the summer camp/programme at your own cost. In between the volunteering tasks on Femø there will be some spare time, so you will get the chance to experience the beautiful island. You are allowed to move freely on the island, which holds hills, a cosy yacht harbour, and beautiful beaches where you can swim. It is possible to rent bicycles (own cost). All meals will be consumed at the summer camp. The day before and the days after the summer camp you will be accommodated in a local fire station in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. The city has lots to offer; the great amusement park Tivoli, The Little Mermaid, the harbour area Nyhavn, where you can take a boat tour on the charming canals in Copenhagen and a lot of great places to eat and drink. Copenhagen also has a lot of green parks and beaches.


As a volunteer, you must show a clean criminal record concerning child sex abuse.
A motivational letter is also required.




(other information)

Please note that we will be outside the majority of the time on Femø. It is important, that you are motivated to work with over 100 young people and participating not only in the tasks but also in the fellowship. You will get a sense of the Danish Firefighting preparedness and spend some time with firefighters. We don’t expect any experience in order for you to become a volunteer – just the eager to work with young people.
The language on the summer camp will be Danish and English. Therefore, all volunteers must be willing to speak English, even when coming from the same countries or having difficulties with the English language. Just try your best!