Project Details

Code: MS04
Start date: 01 jul 2018
End date: 09 jul 2018
Term: Workcamp (6-15 days)
Category: CULTURAL
Country: Denmark
State: Kastrup
Airport: Copenhagen
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 25


The Work Camp in the municipality of Tårnby

The municipality of Tårnby has in cooperation with the Youth-club” (ungdomsklubben), “Youth-school” (Ungdomsskolen) and “Nature- school” (Naturskolen) created a summer program full of different activities. Examples of activities are: Beach sculpture workshop, Baking classes, Horror sleep-over, Football and Futsal Camp, Zoo-trip, etc. The activities are for 6-18 year old children and adolescents. Your job is to be a part of the activities: “Urban Arts“ during the day (for 9-13 year old children) and during the late afternoon and night, the activity “Youth club at the beach” (13-18 year old adolescents). You should participate in the youth club with your own creative ideas on the theme “art”. Bring inspiration from your own country and culture to share with the others. Examples could be music, artwork, painting, sculpturing etc. We would like you to make an activity for the other participants based on your idea. We hosted a Work Camp last year “Summer at the Beach”.

Work And Activities

The camp is for 9-13 year olds, looking for interesting and social activities during the summer. Objectives for the ”Urban art” camp are to inspire the pupils to create art and other projects that are suitable to display in public places. You will work with creative methods as painting, graffiti, sculpturing, lyrics and also bring your own ideas into play. As The ”Nature School” is a partner in the work camp, you might be inspired to use the nature in the artwork during the week. Materials and support from the “nature school” will be available. We are close to the beach, so water may also be part of the creations. You will guide and help young participants with designing and completing projects that, in the end of the camp, will be exhibited in public places such as schools, on the beach, bus stops etc. The purpose is to develop the participants ́ creative thinking, create visual experiences for the public and to start and complete projects, all in a social environment. Work will mainly be outside so bring warm clothes as you never know how the weather will be in Denmark. Also bring clothes for rainy weather and consider that you might get dirty from paint or dirt :)

Accommodation And Food

Sleeping facilities:
Lodging will be in one of our Youth clubs that are closed for summer, so that your group has it to yourselves. That includes access to pc’s,
internet and all other facilities. Bring with you sleeping bag and sleeping pad or similar.

Kitchen facilities:
Kitchen available.
Shopping for all food and preparing all meals will be done and coordinated by the group and group leaders. Washing machine and dryer available.


The work camp is at the beach in Tårnby, very close to the capital Copenhagen.

You are free to go to the beach, to the city center and visit museums and cultural sites, go to Tivoli (very old amusement park), take a canal
tour, see the royal castle, take a train to the forest and rent a mountain bike etc.
Please contact us if you have any suggestions about things you want to do or go see – then we’ll see if we can work something out. You are each expected to give us and the other volunteers a little lecture about your country – may it be a presentation, a language course or anything that provides us with some basic knowledge about you and your culture. You decide how you want to structure it; It should last for about 30 minutes - just be free and creative. Maybe bring some pictures of your country, perform a play, or perhaps you have some sweets to share, recipes or something else?


You must have interest in creative work and understand how to include participants regardless of skill level. Maybe you have specific skills within art, but most important you are able to bring your creative mind into play in order to help young boys and girls create their own projects.
You must be willing to work outside.




TERMINAL Nearest airport:
Copenhagen Airport

Nearest train station:
Kastrup station (metro)
Tårnby station (train)

Meeting point and Time:
Ungecenter Lundø, Tårnbyvej 20, 2770 Kastrup.
Between 12.00 and 15.00

you can ́t buy ticket in the metro or the train!! you must buy tickets at
the station. If you travel without ticket, you risk large fines (aprox.
If you take a bus, you can buy tickets in the bus, but only with cash!
So remember to withdraw money from the ATM
The metro leaves every 2-6 minutes from the airport.
You can search for train and bus time schedules here: