Project Details

Code: IBG 01
Start date: 16 mar 2019
End date: 30 mar 2019
Term: Medium Term (15 days to 1 Month)
Category: SOCIAL
Country: Germany
State: Aach
Airport: LUX or HHN
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 99


Aach is a small village not far from Trier. After two great international workcamps in 2017 and 2018, the local community is really enthusiastic about workcamps. If you look for a project answering a local need combined with an intense exchange with locals, Aach is the right place to be.

Work And Activities

In the centre of the village of Aach there has been an area with several small ponds. The ponds were filled and now the place should become a green area for everybody to meet and enjoy life outdoors. This workcamp will mark the first step in this transformation process by creating paths, some wooden benches and a first element to attract people (maybe high flower beds or an insect hotel, but this has still to be confirmed). Please be aware that working outside in March can be quite challenging, the weather might be fine but it can still be quite cold and rainy (or even snowy). In case of long-lasting bad weather conditions you will work on the renovation of the village’s barbecue hut (indoor and partly outdoor).

Accommodation And Food

in a community centre, in rooms called "family barn". Usually these rooms are offered to people in the village to celebrate birthday parties or similar events, or
to local initiatives for trainings. Beds will be provided, but you have to bring your sleeping bag. There is also a small kitchen and you can use the bathrooms of the sport shall which is in the same building.


Aach is a village with approx. 1.000 inhabitants not far from Trier in Western Germany near the border to Luxemburg. It offers several pubs but no shops, friendly people and a beautiful landscape. The village is situated in a deep valley, the different houses climb up the steep hills. You can go hiking, make barbecues, discover nature, and have different activities together with locals ( international cooking event or a training session together with the local voluntary fire-brigade...). The number of excursions will be limited due to the poor local transport but for sure you will visit Trier, the oldest German city with
many Roman sights (as Porta Nigra), a famous cathedral, many clubs and events...


10 Vol




Next train station: Trier
Meeting point: bus stop in Aach