Project Details

Code: SJ01
Start date: 06 abr 2019
End date: 27 abr 2019
Term: Medium Term (15 days to 1 Month)
Category: CULTURAL
Country: France
State: Île-d'Aix.
Airport: Bordeaux
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 99


The Aix Island (Ile d'Aix in French) is a small pedestrian island located in the North Atlantic ocean. Marked by an eventful maritime past, this island contains lots of places steeped in history, especially the Fort Liedot, which was built by Vauban and classified as a historical monument. This town is a loyal partner of the association Solidarités Jeunesses. In fact, for several years now, l'île d'Aix has hosted international workcamps.

Work And Activities

You will work on the restoration of the large west stone shooting site, which faces the Fort Liédot. The work will consist in de-vegetating the site in order to start traditional masonry work on rubble walls, to replace the stones, to jog and rejoin with hydraulic lime.

Accommodation And Food

In group, indoors, on the island. Meals will be prepared by kitchen teams, in turns.


Île-d'Aix. In the middle of the sea! 20km from Rochefort-sur Mer, Charente Maritime.




Leisure activities: You will take part to so many activities this year in l'Île d'Aix! You will have the chance to set up and host the “Islanders Festival”, and to enjoy all the activities it has to offer: concerts, shows, bass bands, local produce markets, exhibitions, and film projections. You could also practice your skills in some aquatic activities, like fishing or sailing, with the local clubs. During your free time, you will also have the opportunity to interact with local residents that are eager to meet you. Finally, you will have time to discover the beach, to go on bike rides along the sea, to play beach-volleyball, and to participate in many other activities. You could also go and visit the villages like La Rochelle or Rochefort.

Closest train station: Rochefort (17300)