Project Details

Code: SJ/ESC06
Start date: 17 may 2019
End date: 02 jul 2019
Term: Medium Term (15 days to 1 Month)
Category: SOCIAL
Country: France
State: Fouras-les-Bains
Airport: Bordeaux
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 99


Located at the mouth of the Charente river, the peninsula of Fouras-les-Bains contains three harbours and five beaches along the Atlantic coast. In an idyllic setting with views of Fort Boyard, you will work on the rehabilitation of the Fort of the Aiguille. This fort is a redoubt, a fortification system built by the French military engineer Vauban. The redoubt protected Fouras from a potential enemy sea invasion.

Work And Activities

This project is a continuation of the work undertaken last year by the volunteers. You will work on the restoration of a new part of the main facade of the redoubt. You will help the technical leader to remove plants from the facade, and to remove and replace the chalk mortar joints between the stones. Other works of traditional masonry are also planned, such as redoing the stone coping (top layer of the wall) and stone-cutting.

Accommodation And Food

In groups, in tents on Fouras’ campground *** (swimming pool, multi-sports area, WIFI, snacks...) Meals will be prepared by «kitchen teams» in turns.


Fouras-les-Bains, located 20 km away from La Rochelle




Leisure activities: You will be able to visit some tourist areas around, enjoy nature and organize some dinners with the local inhabitants. You will also have the opportunity to visit the Île d'Aix, a small car-free island in the middle of the ocean, by boat. Since it is also a popular sea-side resort, you will be able to participate to several events in the region.

Closest train station: Rochefort (17300)