Project Details

Code: ANEC03
Start date: 24 Jun 2019
End date: 11 Jul 2019
Term: Workcamp (6-15 days)
Country: France
Airport: Clermon-Ferrand CFE
Cost: 250
Currency: Euro
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 60


The association "La Feina" aims to create a welcoming sustainable place for people facing social difficulties. It sets up educational tools (crafts, agriculture, environmental education, group workshops and events) in order to create positive local dynamics. The activities of the association are based in a rural area, surrounded by breathtaking mountains. The association emphasises the importance of connection between its activities and the local landscapes and resources. Spending time in La Feina means reconnecting with nature and others, taking a temporary break from every stressful aspect of the modern society.

Work And Activities

The goal of this workcamp is to help the association "La Feina" to continue developping in agreement with the values of environmental protection. While in the workcamp, you will take a part in the construction of dry toilets, pick and cook eatable wild plants for collective meals, help maintaining the vegetable garden, install a system of water treatment. On the 6th and 7th of July, the association organises an inauguration weekend to which different associations and local elected members will be invited. During this weekend, workshops will be organised to raise participants' awareness on environmental issues. Concerts will be organised in the evening. You will help with welcoming the public, cooking, and setting up different workshops. Your work will be the basis of new habits of this oasis of calm!

Accommodation And Food

You will be accomodated in a wooden house, with mattresses, showers and dry toilets. Nature lovers can, however, bring their tents and sleep in the garden. The house has a separate kitchen but you will also be able to share meals in the cottage with local volunteers. Please note that the telephone network is low and that there is no wifi. You can bring a wifi hotspot if you want to. In case of emergency, there is an access to a computer in the office.


The association is located in a hamlet where some people (mostly hikers) spend their holidays. In the area, you will find a holiday cottage, huts, stone and wooden houses, a barn, a camping area, a vegetable garden... La Feina is located in the medieval municipality of Fontanges, full of historical heritage, close to the Cantal's mountains and the river Aspre. You will be able to hike and discover the surrounding villages, the fauna and flora, and taste local specialties of the village Salers!


English, French


Be aware that the workcamp takes place in a rural distant place, with no wifi connection.