Support for the sensibilisation in the area of education on methods for the prevention of IST/VIH/SIDA. Support and reading for children

Project Details

Code: FAGAD 20
Start date: 05 nov 2017
End date: 26 nov 2017
Term: Workcamp (6-15 days)
Country: Togo
State: Essé-Zogbédzi
Airport: Lomé-Tokoin
Cost: 330
Currency: EURO
Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: 40


The youth of rural areas is confronted with serious problems linked not only just to primary health care, but also to unwanted pregnancies together with illnesses transmitted in sexual activity, notably sida. We do not have much by way of finance, but we have an obligation to make a modest contribution towards mastering these scourges which seriously hinder the development of our areas, which, far from towns end cut off, are a little forgotten.

In addition schools and colleges are confronted with an absence of teachers of and professors. By way of this project, we will bring assistance to pupils in the area of their homework in terms of repetition or other educative methods.

Work And Activities

- Organize sessions of programed themed sensibilisation / sketches ( theatre, and forum ) / discussions – debates on IST / SIDA and contraception / distribution of condoms and prospectus;

- Assist teachers in the school / organize repetition sessions for the pupils at home / help them with their homework and follow them up in their researches in the library.

Others :

- Touristic sites to visit : factory producing cement at Tabligo, the town of
Aneho on the way to Bénin whence it is possible make an excusion to Togoville by way of a trip on Lake Togo, one of the largest in Togo and a visit to Togoville. 22 kms from Togoville is the lake of sacred crocodiles and the site of phosphates. At Lacata there is a lake of hippopotamus.

- Possibility of discovering as well the north of Togo ( the large towns like Atakpamé, Sokodé, and Kara, the rock cutting of Alédjo ( the road passes through a cutting in an enormous rock ), the region of Tamberma, the Naimtougou Falls…) and the Nangbéto Dam with the lake where hippopotamuses live.

- Cultural activities: percussion ( Djembé drums ) and dancing around the fire;

- A day with a family: a day steeped in the daily life of an African family organized around the following themes: animism, putting the village chief on his throne, traditional marriage, a day in the fields.

Accommodation And Food

Meals are provided by the volunteers themselves, and everyone is involved in the different tasks on behalf ofthe community ( cooking, washing – up, maintenance of the sleeping quarters, as well as other tasks ). Depending on the size of the group teams of the group three or four members will comprise a team.

Volunteers stay in rooms with other members of the group on the site where the work is to be done.


The population of this village is some 2 700 inhabitants. The following
infrastructure items are to be found there like: two primary schools, a college, a market and dispensary ( a little health center ). The dominant activity is agriculture.


• You must be strongly reminded that you are coming to an African country with an African culture. This is rooted in a long history of Togo.

• All the foreign volunteers must be reminded that they must be vaccinated against yellow fever and take all necessary measures in respect of health prior to their departure; the same goes for insurances. If will you do not have a yellow fever vaccination certificate to show on arrival at the airport you will be vaccinated on the spot.

• The volunteers must bring a mosquito net, some micro pur to disinfect water or other disinfectants, sheets and covers, sprays against mosquitos, K – Ways and walking shoes. Impregnated mosquito nets are available in Lomé at a very reasonable prices.

• Volunteers are strongly advised to bring clothes which ensure that they are correctly dressed, in particular for fetes and going out, notably in the evenings. This is particularly important for lady volunteers.

• What volunteers registered on our work camps can bring with them:

o A work camp devoted children’s education and leisure activities as well as support for their studies; exercise books, pencils, toys and other elements for playing games (ludo, monopoly and draughts, for instance, and other children’s games );

o A work camp devoted to sensibilisation to IST/SIDA; prospectuses and condomsas well as any other items judged to be useful;

o A work camp devoted to construction and re-afforestation; gangs, seeds, together with protection equipment:

o For the “ Fuentes “ farm and the garden of European plants bring plants or cuttings of mint, raspberries, vine, apple and pear fruit

o Others ; office supplies and office equipment ( for instance if possible computers, printers)


The staff is able to speak English


On occasion, on certain projects it is possible that there is an absence of materiel or the acquisition is made at a late date. In such situations, we invite each and everyone to show understanding and use the means put at their disposition.

The successful realization of certain projects also depends on obtaining funds, notably for the purchase of equipment. FAGAD is also open to any proposition coming from who are interested in sending a contribution in this sense.

We invite volunteers who, during the course of their participation, have an idea for a project to fill in the document prepared for this by the NGO and available with the animator of their work camp. This will re – orient the false volunteers who come to FAGAD in order to disabuse foreign volunteers to obtain equipment, sexual experiences and obtain the necessary finance for projects which, for the most part, will never be realized or will never be completed for the benefit of the relevant population.

Each and every volunteer is responsible for his expenses incurred while participating in a work camp, and no reimbursement whatsoever will be made by the NGO FAGAD following a disagreement between volunteers ( for example: refreshments, outings, excursions and travel ). Even in the work camp and on the work site it is necessary to have the prior agreement of the animator. We will take this opportunity to warn international volunteers that on occasion the animators do not communicate the real costs of excursions. Therefore we invite volunteers to be very vigilant and to inform the personnel responsible for the management of FAGAD if such a case presents itself.

Every person who lends money to a volunteer, to an animator of a work camp or to a third person does so at their own risk. As long as FAGAD isunaware prior to the operation and given its agreement, FAGAD cannot be held responsible afterwards

We ask volunteers, especially lady volunteers, to take attention and not to arouse envy ( for example: sexual activity, drugs, or the following – FAGAD is bad for me, as I created an association where I work with FAGAD and I am not paid ….). On the basis of these lies you destroy the cohesion of a site or an area. On occasion, a lady volunteer can be drugged, abused and subject to extortion. Certain volunteers, and notably the ladies, communicate their bank/credit card numbers, and you can imagine what happens afterwards. If you have a mobile telephone and receive calls from numbers you do not know, take care in replying. They can be calls requesting your bank account details, suggesting that if you provide your bank details, a significant sum will be paid into it for you. It is an attempt to obtain these details to take money out of the account ( they can even provide a European telephone number ).

FAGAD excludes from its members persons of doubtful morality. If you want to be their advocate against FAGAD that is your problem. And it you do not follow our advice and are abused, please do not dirty the name of this warm and welcoming population. With us there is a proverb which says: “ When you are new in a village and you discover good wood, very dry, which the locals neglect to go much further, it is because this wood is not used in the village. The stranger can have big eyes, but it is always necessary to show him his bedroom